Classic Recipes from the Greek Island of Kefalonia  |  Δενδρινού Τασία

ISBN: 978-960-14-2082-0

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Now available is Tassia Dendrinou's book, introducing recipes from the Greek cuisine and including a special feature on Kefalonia, the natural beauty of the island, its traditional produce and local recipes.
Apart from the recipes the book includes many photographs of the island, taken by photographer Michael Kouvidis.
As the author herself points out in the introduction to the book, «...In my opinion cooking, apart from some basic rules, is all about love, imagination and soul. To me, a home is not a place filled with beautiful furniture and rich carpets, it is a place that is filled with the aromas of cooked food or baked sweets, especially on a holiday, a place where people gather around the fireplace or the table.
»It was my love for cooking (although perhaps not with special training) and more generally my love for the people who either as customers or friends came to our tavern, that I, along with my family, became known for our tavern, which opened its doors in 1971 and for the first twenty-two years was open every day, all day...
»...Fiskardo is, to me, the most beautiful and picturesque place in the whole world. It has the rare advantage of combining mountain and sea. With God's blessing, it had the fortune to remain intact after the earthquake in 1953. It boasts a rare natural harbor. During the summer months it combines two worlds: luxury in all its glory and natural beauty. I hope that this special feature on Fiskardo will make you love this place and those of you who did not have the fortune of visiting it will be tempted to do so as soon as possible.»