Petros Socrates Kokkalis (1896-1962)  |  Christou Thanassis

ISBN: 978-960-14-3504-6

Αρ. σελίδων 528

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Petros Socrates Kokkalis’ life entails all the elements for an exciting historical remodeling and narrative. Stu­dies in Europe, cosmopolitanism, magnificent ideals, involvement in the National Schism and the Civil War, fascinating charm, acquaintance with the most explosive revolutionary figures of the 20th century, admiration for the great music and art creators, Occupation and Resi­stance, breaking limits, going from one world to its ideological opposite, medical achievements, insight, intelligent adoption of changes, radicalism and creativity, constitute, to name but a few, moments of a historical personality that lived and shaped, in many cases, the most important events of his time.
Petros Socrates Kokkalis’ beloved quote below summarizes the essence of this book, which unfolds the life events of the Grand Master of Medicine, whose humanistic sensitivities and social vision left the indelible seal of his charisma in the Greek and the World Surgery field of the 20th century:‘When you wish to speak, what you say should be something greater than silence!’